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How to buy an Antler Chandelier

How to buy an Antler  Chandelier



If you like a candle chandelier but feel that your house is not grand enough for a crystal chandelier or a beaded chandelier you might consider purchasing an antler chandelier.  You can still find a non-electric antler chandelier which you can use with traditional candles either as a source of light or simply, as many people do today, as n eye-catching decorative item in your house.  Or you can easily find an electric antler chandelier which means that instead of candles you can use light bulbs (often shaped as candles) and use it daily.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by fredcamino

Elks and deer shed their antlers once a year normally in early spring, therefore old antlers can be found in national parks and other areas where these animals live without having to hunt them. Far from being cruel to animals having an antler chandelier is a way to re-use and recycle natural resources.  You can even make your own antler chandelier if you are into arts and crafts. Whichever  chandelier you decide to buy it will surely help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your house and will impress your guests.

If you do not live in a mountain shelter or hunting lodge and your own house does not have a rustic look you can still find more contemporary looking antler chandeliers. The beauty of this type of chandelier is that it can be transformed in many ways while still conserving the natural elegance and style of the original antlers.  There are different styles  on the internet to suit  every taste and decor. Buying  any type of  chandelier on the internet means that you have access to a larger variety of antler chandeliers than if you went to your local shop: for instance you can find Scottish deer antler chandeliers, Rocky Mountains deer or Norwegian elk antler chandeliers.

As antler chandeliers can be expensive you can decide to have a reproduction chandelier for a fraction of the price, obviously when they are too cheap they look cheap too.  If you are into chandeliers made of real antlers  Antler Art Inc. has a good selection of chandeliers.  Alternatively Cabela’s has a good selection of reproduction chandeliers for half the price of a real one.


The Grand Teton Whitetail Antler Chandelier

The Grand Teton Antler Chandelier. 26 lights placed upon 76 professionally handcrafted whitetail…

Antler Chandelier – 32″ x 20″ Mule Deer 6 Light

Antler Chandelier measures 32inch wide and 20inch tall, 6 candle lights.

Whitetail 12 Cast Deer Antler Chandelier – 32″ x 20″

Antler Chandelier measures 32inch wide and 14inch tall. 9-lights

The Bighorn Elk Antler Chandelier

The Bighorn Elk Antler Chandelier. Made with 7 intertwined elk antlers and 8 lights to add an…

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