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Different Types of Candles

Different Types of Candles

If you think of candles you probably  are thinking of pillar candles or taper candles. Pillar candles are those that can be round or rectangular but it is thick enough in diameter to stand by itself.  You should never stand a pillar candle on a non flame and heat resistant surface anyway.  These candles come in many different colours and some candle chandeliers can accommodate them. They are often scented and can come in many different colours.

Taper candles are also called dinner candles are the traditional thin and long candles that require some type of holder to stand and can be used for a romantic dinner or for a candle chandelier or candelabra. There can come in several colours and can be scented although the favourite and most common type is probably still the simple white candle.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by L.C.Nøttaasen

Votive candles are small and thick and are kept in a glass container, there used to be found only in churches and religious functions but now they can be bought scented and coloured and place in the house. They work better in a group.

Specialty candles are those made in every shape or form, as home made candles have become popular and on sites like Etsy you find shops selling all types of candles, to attract attention the candle has to be a bit of a novelty, therefore candles can looks people, food, animals, plants. These are the candles that are often given as a gift and you do not have the courage to burn.

There are many other types of candles: luminaries which are candles to be used outdoor, tea candles which are shallow candles in a metallic container and floating candles, flat candles designed to float.

Gerson Company Everlasting Glow Flameless Ivory Wax Candles with Drip Effect, Set of 3

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