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Real Candle Lanterns and Sky Lanterns

Real Candle Lanterns and Sky Lanterns

Candle lanterns are often thought of as a decorative and atmospheric objects but in reality they used to be a necessity as the candle flame had to   be protected from wind and rain when outside. Most  candle lanterns werebasically a metal box just to protect the candle, any decoration was optional as it was  above all an object with a very practical use. You can still find real candle lanterns among the many electric and battery operated versions and are made  with  different types of material.  You can find metal candle lanterns for indoor or outdoor lighting, there are even  wedding candle lanterns which can create a stunning effect for any summer evening receptions, with very little effort. While you can buy a candle lantern as a decoration and never use it, many people light one regularly at home as a candle lantern create a soft, atmospheric light that is extremely appealing especially in the long winter evenings.  Many of these lanterns would accommodate pillar or even smaller votive sized candles or even tea candles or lights.  You will have a choice of candle lanterns that can be hung, placed on the floor,  on other surfaces or even on their own plinth. You do not have to be a collector or buy an antique to have a candle lantern as replicas and modern versions can be easily found nowadays.

Still popular for outdoor events and parties are the Chinese paper  lanterns and sky lanterns. Sky lantern are much used in many Asian festivals and is a  small candle inside a lantern made of rice paper and bamboo or a wire frame, when the candle is lit the air inside the lantern warms up and the lantern rises into the air.  Although very spectacular these lanterns can be very dangerous as they can cause fires where they land or can be eaten by animals. The small wire frames ends in crops and get harvested and might end up in the animals feeds. To solve the latter problem an environmentally friendly type of sky lantern has been released to ensure that it does not contain parts potentially dangerous to animals.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by PV KS

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