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Glass Oil Lamps are a Great Addition to the Home

Glass Oil Lamps are a Great Addition to the Home

The hurricane or glass oil lamp has been around for many centuries. It was once the primary source of light for a home, but with the invention of electricity, these lamps became more of a decorative fixture than a practical one. There are still many decorative styles of this oil burning lamp available for people to purchase and use in their homes. The glass oil lamp wicks are usually made out of a fabric material so they absorb the oil and burn in a slow manner. The wick is designed as a replaceable item and can often be found at the same stores that also carry the glass oil lamps.

There are some variations on the classic woven fabric wick that include new glass sections as part of the product. The cord is threaded through the top glass section, which can then be inserted into a few different types of products that use oil for burning. These items usually have a rounded type of cord rather than the traditional flat weave wick found in most lamp products. The standard flat styles are available in several widths ranging from three eights of an inch to one and a half inch. This item should fit snug inside the turning mechanism within the lamp base without being too loose or too tight.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by [puamelia]

Most of the wick products come in a standard eight inch length, but you can purchase continuous rolls of longer lengths through a few select merchants. A roll can be as long as ninety-six inches and is good for people who make or design these types of light products for sale. Creating your own unique design is easy to do because a lot of craft and hobby stores carry the basic clear glass lights you can paint, decorate, fill with oil and sell.

Chimney Lamps Handblown Glass Oil Lamp Set of Three

Candles for outdoor and indoor events. All chimney lamps are 2- 5/8″ diameter and include an oil reservoir that hangs from the glass chimney. The enclosed flame will stay lit at any outdoor event or banquet room. Great gift for someone to add to their home decor. Chimney and oil reservoir are…

Russian Glass Amber Oil Lamp

Russian Glass Amber Oil LampWeight: 1.69 GM

Iridescent Ball Glass Oil Lamp Set of 3 Candles Centerpiece

Set of three iridescent round ball glass oil candles. Any color of lamp oil is georgeous in this set. They can also be used inside hurricanes for outdoor use, or set them on candle stands.

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